Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MADONNA+MARIPOL+MARC= 80's inspired JUNQUE for Marc Jacobs

I don't know about you but I LOVE MADONNA. I think she is the embodiment of a true Lioness...constantly evolving. An inspiration to all of us ladies to fear not and go for your dreams. At least I can speak for myself in saying that. Why? Let's take a trip back to the 1980's. Me, a young, private catholic schooled little lioness with a very european family influence= a confident free spirit with big ideas and tons of creative energy...discovers..............
Like many of you....this entire look, lyric, and freedom spoke to my heart. I LOVED MADONNA. I rocked those jelly bracelets, crosses, and I dressed as up as Madonna every Halloween.  When I learned we were both Leo's...I bought my first astrology book. Yup. True story.

Well...the lady behind the FANTASTIC JUNQUE and costumes? MARIPOL!!! Madge's friend in the city.

So...let's now catch up to 2010. MARIPOL meets Marc Jacobs and creates a collection of fun, inexpensive pieces (under $50) for Marc. So go can feel "Like a Virgin" all over again:)

P.S. How cute is it that Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes, are designing a clothing line. Apparently Lourdes, 30 years later, also is inspired by her mom's 1980's look. Recycle your fashion!:) Although I do  prefer the late 60's and 70's myself:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Once again, this Leonine lady has been slapped with yet ANOTHER leopard piece that she ADORES. This pair of shoes is an UH OH for me as they push the magic "must have" button. And you know what happens to us girls when the must have button is pushed by a shoe!  Alexander Wang...WELL DONE:)

OBSESSED with this moody FALLON necklace...

Oh my...I was doing my "Barney's browse" for you and there it was. Simple? Quite...indeed. Moody I say...why? Because one half is colorful layers of gems and the other...jet link. Now if that isn't the moods of a woman...;) Anyhow, the obsessed part is for the simple fact that I love to wear all black at times. but have you ever noticed, once you do, it just looks odd to put on some multi colorful piece? The eye just goes right to IT!

Well...thank you FALLON for this clever little gem of a solution. Of course, one doesn't have to wear all black with this piece at all. It works with a million different options. BUT if you do throw it on...what a fun twist! The eye will catch some uplifting color...just THERE!
Oh...and did I mention that it's only $245.00! Happy Spring!:)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Van Cleef & Arpel...WHIMSICAL? How DIVINE.....

Dream pieces? I think so. Imagine opening your treasure box and seeing these DIVINE gems and jewels staring back at you...begging to be worn. Ahhh...dreamy indeed. Somehow Van Cleef & Arpel took precious stones (and some additional semi-precious for splashes of color) and created WHIMSICAL ART. I look at these and feel utter happiness:) 

MARNI jewels...FAB for SPRING! Consuela is divine:)

Marni...sigh. I AM A HUGE LOVER OF YOU! Once again, the original designs and inspiration of Consuela Castiglioni captures hearts of bohemian sophisticates around the globe. Might I add that Marni was the originator...opening the door to allowing gems, jewels, and junque to be made with different, more hand-made, feeling elements. Just in time for the economy to dip and the price of gold to sky rocket. Point being...thank you Marni for leading us into this new era of FANTASTIC JUNQUE JEWELRY!!!

PROOF? SEE THESE PIECES for SPRING. Buy them, or be inspired by them is my motto....and you will no doubt see jewels inspired by this designer from Forever twenty-one to Target. Although I do believe none can quite compare to the craftsmanship of Consuela Castiglioni:) BRAVA!

Friday, March 26, 2010

BOTTEGA VENETA...SPRING SPEAK TO MY HEART:) buy or be inspired by!

Ohhhhh MY. HELLO SPRING BOTTEGA GEMS! Oh how I'd LOVE to have all of you to choose from in my jewelry collection. SIGH.

It just excites see how FUN jewelry has become. The bigger and bolder the better!:) WE LOVE THAT! Why? Because jewels are FANTASTIC. AND they also can magically transform any shabby, plain outfit into something to remember:) Notice these MODELS? Yup...throw your one day too dirty hair up in a messy, fab bunch...apply a little lip and VOILA! Go for it girls. ENJOY!

Monday, March 22, 2010


See...the inspiration of nature. Oscar does some serious spring DIVINITY!!!!

I'd like this one please....
I'll call it Spring in BLOOM
And...I'd like to wear a simple little flouncy mini dress...a cropped vest...and say some gladiators? Yes, that sounds fab! Ahhh...

Ahhh...the renewing, free spirit of spring is in the air!

I'm so sorry that I've been "out of blog zone" for a few days. I've been moving. Perfect timing for SPRING!!! Spring clean...renew...refresh...reset...reflect...and SPRING FORWARD!!! The smell of the flowers blooming and extra sunshine warms my heart.

And my bohemian spirit would like to share these two pics with's the vibe I'm currently feeling:) Romance, love, free-spirited...light hearted...ok, I know I sound like a total hippie but one does secretly live in me:) A clean and chic one of course:) REMINDER OF THE DAY: let nature inspire you. The flowers are here to bring you little gems of happiness. Allow them! Happy Spring! And Happy Birthday ARIES!!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I wore this ring out last night....I made it weeks ago. And my friend said..."HELLO...SHARE THAT RING ON THE BLOG!!" Oh! Right!!! are some silly pics of moi...with one of my divine very own gemstone cocktail ring. (Quartz, Aquamarine, Chalcedony= POWERFUL)

I started it and it took on a life of it's they do:) So...some have called it a flower bouquet, a butterfly, a dragonfly, a's up to your own eye and what YOU connect to! I actually had no intention of it looking like anything other than a DIVINE CLUSTER! A little one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art...or at least I'd like to think so...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Don't be afraid to mix it up a little! There are many colors to a feminine personality...each one beautiful:) So express yourself...through your...earrings? Well....why not?! And you don't have to be all dressed up to rock these. They can be funky chic...or sleek chic...depending on what you wear with them and where your adventure takes you;)

A Micro-Gemstone world sitting on my finger? FANTASTIC!!!

NOW THIS is some MAGICAL JUNQUE!!!!! HOW FAB? Yes, it's certainly not for everyone. But accompanying a chic outfit...this is SURE to be a coinversation piece for the evening:)

I LOVE finding fabulous one of a kind pieces!!! This is from a small designer named PIPERTREE. Cute name huh? I think so.

Not only is this a GEM of wearable art...but...ummm...IMAGINE the POWERFUL energy of this cluster of gemstones? HELLO?! FANTASTIC!!! Healing, protection, awareness, wisdom...oh there are too many positive traits to these stones to even name them all. Let's just say you'd be an uber-chic gemstone warrior-ess for the night:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Now...let's take that more inexpensive "Anthropologie" look (or something like it) from my last post....and throw on this GIVENCHY gladiator with it. Yes, there are MANY gladiators out there (thank GOD). But this one seems authentic... doesn't it? I'll take that ethereal look from the last post and add THESE to it!

Then.. please send me a field of lavender to run through...oh and how about a rainbow in the distance with Led Zepplin playing in the background? AHHH...yes. NOW THAT sounds DIVINE:)


Well...I came across this FAB photo from ANTHROPOLOGIE of all places. Isn't this necklace DIVINE!!! And INEXPENSIVE!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE everything about this picture. The hair...the whispy flower headpiece...and that necklace....OHHH MYYYY. GODDESS. Springtime is in the air!!!!!! Magic is stirring. Sunshine is here!:)

Monday, March 15, 2010


Every once in a blue moon....and by that I mean TONIGHT!!!! (It's a new moon and it happens to be a month when there are TWO...which IS actually the meaning of a "BLUE MOON") Fun astro trivia:)

Anyhow...I find something that speaks to the LADY CALIFORNIA in me. When I speak of Lady Cali, I mean back in the day when California was without the CHEESE factor of pink JUICY sweats and too much botox. (Or at least the bad wrap of people thinking of us that way).

I imagine these Chanel gems elongating the naturally sun kissed gams of a 1970's goddess...chic and free-spirited. Natural beauty. Wear them with a fab, voluminous, flowy mini dress or skirt...a simple little tee...layer up some beads, a snug little blazer...oh and don't forget some big sunglasses:) Because sunshine and happy days are ahead!!! Ahhhh...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Do you think these were inspired by WAVES? Hmmm....DIVINE. I'll take ALL 3 and STACK THEM UP!!!


Today, I spent "re-vamping" and decorating a house. Painting, primping, moulding,...etc. FUN. took me back to a very fond memory. And VOILA...I found this pic to share with you:)

I took this picture of hilarious goddess, Miss Kelly Wearstler, while my dearest, Paris (aka paree) and I worked styling Kelly (as if she needs any help:) on Top Design. I LOVE this woman. WHAT INSPIRATION!!! LOOK AT ALL THE GEMS JEWELS AND JUNQUE she's rocking in this picture. Tres CHIC! And...might I add...she is wearing jewelry I MADE...Muldoon!!! YAY!!! FASHION ICON ALERT:)

I can't leave this post without saying...this was one of the MOST inspirational gigs EVER. Not only did I get to work with my dear friend, PAREE...the creative director of PRESTIGE mag (FAB). But we also were graced with days full of fun with Jonathan Adler, India Hicks, Todd Oldham, and Margaret Russell. It was TRULY DIVINE to be surrounded by PURE TALENT and NO DIVA:) I treasure all of the inspiration and laughs we endured:)

FALCONIERE...Armor and Medieval character inspired JUNQUE

Oh my...Juniper Rose,  I relate to your fab creations from your line, FALCONIERE. I too just finished a Y A novel. And I too have ideas of inspiration from the characters:) Your medieval characters inspiration are divine! Oh how I can envision the slinky metals dancing around my neck...making a romantic little dress feel edgier. Or how I could just "throw one on" as we do...with a simple little top and jeans. Oh how they would pick up the accents on my Balenciaga the sunshine of Spring "pings" off here and there. SIGH...I LOVE THESE!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

PORTS Jewels?! HOW FUN! the Fall 2010 shows come to an end. And our Spring shopping begins...I just had to show you HOW FUN and FAB these PORTS Junque is. As I was browsing Melrose Place (one of my fav shopping blocks in LA)...I had to catch a few pics just for YOU:)
How cool is this piece? It's light. Feels cool. And can be worn with...umm...pretty much anything:) Blush Heaven...

And then...this is clear funky junque number. UNIQUE. And when you find great GJ& BUY IT!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

McQueen...ART....master....Need I say more?

God Bless his soul...may his spirit and inspiration live on forever....I mean really...Just LOOK at this work. Need I say more....

LOUIS VUITTON...the curves of a woman

Bravo to Marc Jacobs for bringing us ladies back to celebrating CURVES!!! Look at the bosoms...not the legs! Ten pounds heavier in the hips? WHO CARES when you can wear these FAB skirts! Right ladies?:)
Well done...I love a strapless 50's style....ladylike dress every once in a while:) Of course, I'd probably throw on a little leather jacket and some loubies...or gladiators for day to spice it up a little:)

And yes....the divine ELLE MACPHERSON...

I'd love to see...say Charlize Theron rock this on the Red Carpet:)