Thursday, April 8, 2010

ANITA KO's Ethereal WINGS....PURE DIVINITY!!!!!!!!!

I have the pleasure of knowing the GODDESS, Anita Ko....going all the way back to our "all girls private" high school days:) Maybe that's how she got inspired to create such BEAUTIFUL "good girl" wings....or not:) But these DIVINE wings are sure to bring out the positive side to your nature...and remind you of your own inner good girl. All the while making sure that your choice in wearing these gems is a chic one indeed. Aren't they AMAZING?!!! You can see them and more of her creations on P.S. her cougars and studs are sure to enhance your inner bad girl...and will still give you your chic points:)
I love the art work surrounding her pieces too;) BRAVA ANITA:) You ROCK........