Sunday, February 28, 2010


I just got this GENIUS little video for "A Fine Frenzy" sent to me from my friend, Kristin (love her), who worked on it. OH's "Junque" like this that reminds me ART is very much ALIVE!!! BRAVO!!! Inspired indeed:)

HAPPY FULL MOON..."Junque with moon vibes..."

Judy Geib's moon and star earrings.
Emily and Ashley's pendants
How FABULOUS are these pieces? Everyday wear...with meaning behind each. Oh how I LOVE that! 

Happy full moon! And HELLO MARCH!!! Love n light to all...until tomorrow....:)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who said LA dining isn't chic??? AND YUUMMMYYY!!!

MOZZA OSTERIA!!!!!   I just got home from the most DELIGHTFUL dinner at MOZZA OSTERIA. One of my FAVORITES:)

After chatting with this FAB man sporting a daring sequins scarf on this very chilly LA winter night...and he brought up how devastated he was about Alexander McQueen. And then, noticing the chef at the RIDICULOUSLY PERFECT mozzarella bar...wearing this ultra chic little detail...what looks like it could be a marni necklace....(i know this is a run-on sentence at this point)...and having to take pics of the mozzarella plates of divinity...and prosecco...and adorable random little animals on the carrera...i just had to remind you all...This is truly a great city:)
Oh...and ps...YES...those are giant ITALIAN hazelnuts on burrata...with crostini w hazelnut garlic spread. WHAT???!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIGH.....

RETORRE RING...a piece of gem heaven!

This ring peaks to me. It's unique, organic feel would be quite divine sitting on my finger. SIGH....I don't know about you, but to me, it feels powerful. It's as if this little treasure washed to shore. Maybe it belonged to a sexy mermaid in the deep blue sea. Now that's a fun thought indeed:)

 So I'd like to share with you...what it's stones mean. Blue opal...ironically, a stone connected to the sea and creatures of the sea! (hence the mermaid vibe). Did you know that Opals actually contain traces of water? Opal is said to enhance the communication of what one holds in their heart. It enhances the energy to be good to oneself too. Something we should all be reminded of:)

Then, the diamonds..power, protection, and constancy. (hence the rings of marriage;)

And lastly, that beautiful green tourmaline. I LOVE TOURMALINES! The green one, specifically, brings a joy of life. And don't we all love a little extra "joie de vive!" Especially in these...interesting times:)

Use this as a guide to buy if you're one of the lucky ones spending big these "browsing Barney's." Or...use this as a gem of inspiration and a reminder to keep your energies on the positive side. No matter what:)

Friday, February 26, 2010


I created a special gift for my dearest friend, Darby...aka...Darbarella. May she receive ALL of the positive energy and variety in the colors of these gorgeous semi-precious stones!:) I always think of "gems and junque" bringing utter joy and light...not to mention, a unique splash of fab!
She can also wear it as a super chic and powerful bracelet:)
It began with this beautiful rainbow shooting through the Hollywood Sign: view from home.

Happy Friday!! I woke up this morning thinking about inspiration...and how it can come in so many ways. I, as a designer, often get inspired by nature. To me, that's where most of the magic happens. And as I look at the runways, I can't help to notice the colors...the animals...the prints. My point is, everyone has their own private little world that they gather inspiration from. don't have to share! That's the beauty of creativity. You can share if and when you choose:) I'd like to share this example with you...maybe it will bring you a little happy moment and reminder to ALLOW yourself to BE INSPIRED today!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

JUNQUE (and by that I mean FABULOUS) ALERT

Dear my beloved Leo Jonathan.  I'm going to use your word and say...BRAVO TREASURE:)

Kenneth Jay Lane....a gem of a necklace indeed.

I mean really...this necklace just works. Oh how it must lay. From the design's my absolute favorite when a piece is perfectly imperfect...meaning the shapes and layout is not "perfectly balanced" and the same on each side...(yuck). I've seen this piece in different color ways. But I must say...this is by far the chicest...inspired by nature. You can wear this with a billion different colors and looks. Timeless and unique. A true GEM.

Leopard done right makes a leo lady puuurrrrrrrrrrr...

Dear Alessandro Dell'Acqua. I love your name. I love saying it. It's quite sexy. And so is this leopard little number you've created! Every leonine lady (me included) just PURRSSS when someone does leopard WELL....congrats. You've accomplished making many a ladies happy on this one...or at least me! Not to mention, I also can appreciate wanting to name something because it's your lucky number...No. 21. I foresee your luck with it continuing! Bravo.

ALBINO...sometimes playing it safe just works.

I'm not SOOO familiar with the Albino collection. But in this climate, I can appreciate the precise focus of the pieces. Stick with what works and play with that. I think many of us are dressing that way nowadays anyhow. Ummm...I'll have all three of the above please!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The eye of Tom Binns meets Tim Burton? Let me SEE!!

Tom Binns, a fellow Irish soul, and GENIUS jewelry designer, is creating a collection inspired by Disney's Alice in Wonderland! HOW DIVINE IS THAT!? Dreamy indeed. I can't WAIT to see what Tim Burton has for us now. I hear the movie is INCREDIBLE. No doubt, Tom Binns collection is too! Here are a a couple of magical treats:)


Everything about this look fills my heart with utter happiness. I'm a HUGE fan of chartreuse. And throw it into a sexy romantique webbed dress? UH OH. Then edge it up with black and leather?!
I think Stevie Nicks "Leather and Lace" should be playing in the background:)


Fall RTW 2010...Proenza Schouler...a favorite of the young and fabulous...has ROCKED it again.
LITERALLY. Rock n Roll Goth meets 60's silouettes and graffiti leggings. Sounds interesting...they know how to make it all work!