Saturday, February 27, 2010

RETORRE RING...a piece of gem heaven!

This ring peaks to me. It's unique, organic feel would be quite divine sitting on my finger. SIGH....I don't know about you, but to me, it feels powerful. It's as if this little treasure washed to shore. Maybe it belonged to a sexy mermaid in the deep blue sea. Now that's a fun thought indeed:)

 So I'd like to share with you...what it's stones mean. Blue opal...ironically, a stone connected to the sea and creatures of the sea! (hence the mermaid vibe). Did you know that Opals actually contain traces of water? Opal is said to enhance the communication of what one holds in their heart. It enhances the energy to be good to oneself too. Something we should all be reminded of:)

Then, the diamonds..power, protection, and constancy. (hence the rings of marriage;)

And lastly, that beautiful green tourmaline. I LOVE TOURMALINES! The green one, specifically, brings a joy of life. And don't we all love a little extra "joie de vive!" Especially in these...interesting times:)

Use this as a guide to buy if you're one of the lucky ones spending big these "browsing Barney's." Or...use this as a gem of inspiration and a reminder to keep your energies on the positive side. No matter what:)