Friday, February 26, 2010


I created a special gift for my dearest friend, Darby...aka...Darbarella. May she receive ALL of the positive energy and variety in the colors of these gorgeous semi-precious stones!:) I always think of "gems and junque" bringing utter joy and light...not to mention, a unique splash of fab!
She can also wear it as a super chic and powerful bracelet:)
It began with this beautiful rainbow shooting through the Hollywood Sign: view from home.

Happy Friday!! I woke up this morning thinking about inspiration...and how it can come in so many ways. I, as a designer, often get inspired by nature. To me, that's where most of the magic happens. And as I look at the runways, I can't help to notice the colors...the animals...the prints. My point is, everyone has their own private little world that they gather inspiration from. don't have to share! That's the beauty of creativity. You can share if and when you choose:) I'd like to share this example with you...maybe it will bring you a little happy moment and reminder to ALLOW yourself to BE INSPIRED today!