Monday, February 22, 2010


This is one of the many highlights of my trip to Napa Valley for Valentine's day. My fiance, Ahmet, and I stayed at our dear friend's FABULOUS vineyard (Darioush). It was a delightful trip to Northern Cali. If you've never been to Napa, I suggest you ASAP. The food is the best in the country. The vino and bubbly is divine. And the European vibe is heart-warming. Truly a chic experience all around.
This is the most beautiful bottle of vino..."Sofia" in the talented artess herself, Sofia Coppola. Look at the shape of the feminine. And Reisling, aside from champagne and prosecco, is one of my favorite types of vino....light and a tad bit sweet:) Oh...and of course, the label is perfect as well. BRAVA....Napa..I LOVE YOU!