Monday, February 22, 2010

Dearest Alexander Wang...

It's hard to's that time of year when the runways are forecasting ahead to fall. It's always been a frustration of mine...especially from California, where we don't have the SEASONS like people in New York and be forced to be looking through the seeing glass when we haven't even gotten to WEAR spring yet. Ohhh...(hand on head...sigh....but so goes fashion...) How can we complain?

Back to my point...Dearest Alexander Wang....I adore you. I am grateful for you....your delightful simplicity in hard economic times. We love you in Cali. LA buzzes with fashionistas and celebutants alike sporting your pieces day and night. But why oh why...did you have to bring back the "tummy top?" Ohhh....dear. I foresee many a fashion victims doing this ALL WRONG.

Girls....just REFRAIN.