Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dear Rock the Vote Supporter,

I have a feeling that you don't need a reminder that today is Earth Day. Earth Day Patriot

If you are like me, you have grown up with yearly celebrations in your schools and communities. Over the years, you have probably cleaned up parks and streams, written letters to Congress about the environment, planted trees, and maybe even committed yourself to a greener lifestyle. In fact, today is the 40th time we have celebrated Earth Day - in ways big and small - across the planet.

But this Earth Day could be different than all the rest. It is the first time we have marked Earth Day with a real chance of passing comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. We expect a bipartisan bill to be introduced in the U.S. Senate next week. After years of stalling and false starts, this could be it. It is a big deal.

So today I hope you'll join me in declaring your energy independence and signing the petition demanding action on climate legislation.

Let's be honest: despite incredible progress on environmental protection, America still has a failing energy policy that continues to reward polluters, undermines the health of the American people, threatens our national and economic security and keeps us dependent on energy sources from overseas. No more delays or obstruction. We need to get this done.

Please read the declaration here and sign today. Together with our friends -- community groups, environmentalists, veterans, youth, businesses, people of faith, conservationists, and more -- we will deliver the message that the time is now.

Happy Earth Day,

Heather Smith

Heather Smith
President, Rock the Vote

P.S. Looking for ways to get involved on Earth Day? Click here to find service events in your area, send us photos of how you are spending Earth Day to, or show your support for the environment by using your profile picture to spread the message of Earth Day.