Saturday, April 10, 2010

SOPHIA...the cutest little gem of a shih-tzu ever....

Well...this one is a gem of a different kind. The canine bundle of heaven kind. The kind of gem that's healing properties and joy exceed even the strongest precious stone:) Ok...well...hard to compare but you know what I mean.


Every once in a while, I like to share little "real life" gems with you. I think Sophia and her story qualifies. My FANTASTIC, HILARIOUS, HANDSOME fiance...Mr. Ahmet Zappa gave Sophia to my parents. He thought it would be a sweet idea to give them a little girl puppy as a trade for him taking their little girl's hand in marriage. Yes...he IS that ADORABLE. Yes...I AM that LUCKY. parents LOVE him. And yes...EVERYONE IS IN LOVE WITH SOPHIA!!!

And yes...I am GRATEFUL......

P.S. Sophia is READY FOR 2010 Spring through Fall on that FABULOUS leopard pillow:) Have you gotten YOUR leopard out? From vintage to current pieces...wear it with confidence!