Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheap...uber chic...Dolce Vita shoes for Spring Summer!!! Must have...and not feel too guilty buying:)

Although we all would like to have the whole lot of Spring Summer Louboutin shoes:)...I am totally realistic. Most of us post-recessionistas can't be going overboard in the shoe department. So, I decided to hunt for the hottest, most comfy, cheapy chic junque shoes I could find. And...I did it in a one stop shop! How exciting is that???!!! So...let me share my inside tip with you. For those of you in Los Angeles, head to Melrose Place to the actual store "Dolce Vita." They have the entire collection of heavenly (and surprisingly light and comfortable) must have looks for S/S....MY FAVS...Have fun shopping girls!

Check for different colors in each as well!!!
or google for where else to buy!