Monday, March 8, 2010

From Hollywood Red Carpet to PV Peacock's inspiration....

Well, after a Hollywood Glamour weekend, I decided to take a day trip down to visit my parent's house in Palos Verdes....I must have a good chat with my mom about the Oscar' person...always. You know how we girls love to do. She agreed with my post and opinions. But reminded me that Liz Banks looked FAB as well. Oops..agreed:)

I thought I'd share with little secret "refresh" button I love to hit every so often...for inspiration. A  short twenty-five minute drive to a beautiful place...just far enough away from Hollywood...Palos Verdes. My family home. And of course, I am SO grateful to have the comfort and love of my family so close by:)"Pierre" the peacock. That's what my mom has named him. I THINK this is him...although with all the roaming never truly can tell. But as I rooted myself back to the magic of nature, I was reminded of just how this magnificent bird's feathers somehow ended up on the runways across the globe...for fall 2010. Remember Lanvin's Jewels, for instance? There are feathers everywhere...none SO FAB as Pierre's I'd argue.

And just for fun...I'll share my precious experience with you...feeding Pierre his favorite "sliced wheat bread"...and how my magical black cat "Dino" just chills in the garden watching the Peacocks as if he's one of them. Ahhhh...NATURE....truly inspirational indeed:)
 HOW AMAZING IS HE??? And YES...he even has a little snaggle tooth!:)