Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Micro-Gemstone world sitting on my finger? FANTASTIC!!!

NOW THIS is some MAGICAL JUNQUE!!!!! HOW FAB? Yes, it's certainly not for everyone. But accompanying a chic outfit...this is SURE to be a coinversation piece for the evening:)

I LOVE finding fabulous one of a kind pieces!!! This is from a small designer named PIPERTREE. Cute name huh? I think so.

Not only is this a GEM of wearable art...but...ummm...IMAGINE the POWERFUL energy of this cluster of gemstones? HELLO?! FANTASTIC!!! Healing, protection, awareness, wisdom...oh there are too many positive traits to these stones to even name them all. Let's just say you'd be an uber-chic gemstone warrior-ess for the night:)