Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today, I spent "re-vamping" and decorating a house. Painting, primping, moulding,...etc. FUN. took me back to a very fond memory. And VOILA...I found this pic to share with you:)

I took this picture of hilarious goddess, Miss Kelly Wearstler, while my dearest, Paris (aka paree) and I worked styling Kelly (as if she needs any help:) on Top Design. I LOVE this woman. WHAT INSPIRATION!!! LOOK AT ALL THE GEMS JEWELS AND JUNQUE she's rocking in this picture. Tres CHIC! And...might I add...she is wearing jewelry I MADE...Muldoon!!! YAY!!! FASHION ICON ALERT:)

I can't leave this post without saying...this was one of the MOST inspirational gigs EVER. Not only did I get to work with my dear friend, PAREE...the creative director of PRESTIGE mag (FAB). But we also were graced with days full of fun with Jonathan Adler, India Hicks, Todd Oldham, and Margaret Russell. It was TRULY DIVINE to be surrounded by PURE TALENT and NO DIVA:) I treasure all of the inspiration and laughs we endured:)