Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OBSESSED with this moody FALLON necklace...

Oh my...I was doing my "Barney's browse" for you and there it was. Simple? Quite...indeed. Moody I say...why? Because one half is colorful layers of gems and the other...jet link. Now if that isn't the moods of a woman...;) Anyhow, the obsessed part is for the simple fact that I love to wear all black at times. but have you ever noticed, once you do, it just looks odd to put on some multi colorful piece? The eye just goes right to IT!

Well...thank you FALLON for this clever little gem of a solution. Of course, one doesn't have to wear all black with this piece at all. It works with a million different options. BUT if you do throw it on...what a fun twist! The eye will catch some uplifting color...just THERE!
Oh...and did I mention that it's only $245.00! Happy Spring!:)