Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Do I Love Thee...NEIL LANE!!! Inside Oscar week SPECIAL!!

THANK YOU NEIL LANE!!!...Oh how I LOVE that man..I am TRULY grateful for: all the fun times I had while styling...doing "pulls" and having some laughs while the special gems and jewels were getting ready to leave the store and go out into the world of the celebrity Red Carpet Events. Neil makes MANY celebs SHINE:) Next, I'm grateful for him creating my dream engagement ring for me (I'll leave that story for another post:) and most recently...TODAY!!! During Oscar week's CRAZINESS, Neil was SOOO KIND to allow me access to his G& that I could share with YOU...a little "inside" info on LA's most treasured week of the year.

HIS PIECES ARE GENIUS!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! UNIQUE!!! Just like Neil:) I can't WAIT to see them worn on Oscar night. Whether it's the nominated starlets or the FAB wives of the majors, Neil Lane is SURE to be dripping over many lucky ladies come Sunday.

VOILA!!!  Just before the big rush of stylists coming in to select their pieces for Sunday. I had SO much fun sharing my love of Neil and my fav pieces awaiting their spots at the Oscar's!!